Foxglove Farm

It was a big step to move from the buzz of London to the countryside and start a new business running a residential riding school. It was an exciting, but busy time in my life.

I had to be very hands on as the children and horses require my constant attention, so I knew I needed professional help from the start if the business was going to be run responsibly.

Navis are impeccable in managing my time with them, maintaining the books and ensuring the company is fully compliant. They do this in a relaxed and friendly way, so I always feel completely in control.

But it doesn’t stop with the day-to-day. When it was time to look ahead, Scott came into his own. At his instigation, and with his help, we have more than doubled the size of the school and created a holiday let from one of the barns.

It’s provided excellent security and moved us closer to our dream. Navis transformed my relationship with my business for the better.

Natasha Hassell


… they do everything in a relaxed and friendly way.

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